Wow.  2011. Remember when we all hunkered down over a decade ago with our stockpiles of canned goods and bottled water waiting on the worst?  Funny how 90% of what we worry about never comes to fruition, huh?

Last year I worried about everything.  I worried about dying…living…losing weight….gaining weight…saving money…downsizing…up-sizing….getting married…staying married…keeping my business open…selling my business and then about how to grow my business.  This year I vowed to “Just Be.”

Also, I knew that if I really wanted to keep ‘doing massage’ then I was going to have to focus on what I loved about it in the beginning.  In the beginning everything was new and exciting to learn.  After 12 years, I’ve grown a bit stagnant.  As with everything, an evolution is taking place within me, as a person, and of course that will overflow into my business…

So, I started here.

This is a new look for me.  I decided to change the look and feel when I realized my old website hadn’t been updated for nearly a year and that site traffic was down.  I also wanted to focus more this year on educating my clients and friends on the subjects of relaxation, voluntary simplicity, debt-free living and the dangers of consumerism, in general.

I decided on a blog-like format for my website so that I could make weekly updates, link it to my Facebook page, and also write about the subjects I believe could help you in finding a bit of tranquility.

You have the option to subscribe, which I hope you will.  And to forward this on to others…which I hope you will.  And you can leave comments…which I hope you will.

May you be blessed abundantly this year with good health and good times!