I’ve been reading a lot lately about how a fast paced lifestyle is actually very unproductive (Thank you, Leo).  With my background and education in business, I find it interesting how much emphasis hiring managers place on the  ‘ability to multi-task’ as if it is some magical skill one must possess in order to be effective.  Actually, research has determined those who multi-task continuously are LESS productive than someone who can focus on one task at a time.

I admit, I can manage multiple projects and even multiple lifestyles effectively.  I am a massage therapist, a life coach, and a data manager at a local hospital.  I find I get bored very easily with one project so I move to another and I am more fulfilled throughout the day.  I could NEVER sit and do data entry all day long for 8 hours every day of my life.  I would die from boredom.  But, I used to be exhausted after work and still feel like I accomplished absolutely nothing in a 10 hour period of time.

But recently, I have not been multi-tasking, even when I am managing multiple projects.  I have been creating task lists every day, and working a task until I’m finished, or just can’t do it anymore that day.  And you know what…they are right.  I’m getting more done and I’m doing a better job.

I invite you to stop.  Breathe.  Pick one thing you want to accomplish today and work on that until it is finished.  Today, I’m just going to go get a haircut.  That’s all I’m going to do.  Everything else is a bonus, if I do something productive at all.  Normally, my weekend to do list would have, like, 15 things on it…and I’d accomplish a little of everything, but nothing would really get done.  So, today I get a haircut.  I may even take a little nap-a-roo. Tomorrow I vacuum the floors and sofas.  That’s my weekend.  What does yours look like??