Well, it’s official.  I am leaving the massage therapy profession.  First, before sigh and go looking for another therapist…let me explain.

I started in the business when it was fresh and new.  It was lucrative and it was exciting.  It can still be lucrative and exciting, but my desires have come full circle.  I really entered into this profession because it seemed like a great way to teach people about the effects of chronic stress and help them to manage their stress so that it didn’t manifest itself in their bodies as a stress-related disease (i.e. depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, insomnia, etc.).  I also had just been fired from my job and was fortunate to have the massage therapy license ‘to fall back on’.  As it turns out, I ‘fell back on it’ and it was my life for several years as I built a very beautiful and very successful practice.

But people change.  And I have changed.  I have other desires that are people focused as well as fulfilling to me.  I still want to help people…to teach people…and be self employed.

So, the Relaxation Specialist will evolve over time, as I have evolved over time.  I plan to dabble in my ‘now hobby’ of aromatherapy and skin care products…I plan to develop my life coaching business…I plan to live yoga, not just practice yoga…and I plan to be mindful in all that I do.

And being mindful in all that I do led me to the choice to stop practicing massage therapy as a business

Will I still do a massage here and there?  Most likely.  I’m still licensed…and I can still practice.  But for the most part, I will be recommending that my clients seek out other, outstanding, therapists who are better able to help them because its what they LOVE to do.

So…stick around, though, and don’t forget to subscribe.  I will be adding new flavors and faire to this site as the year progresses.  Also, in April, the Life Coaching business should be up and running.  I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Peace and love…