About Me

Denise Berg Johnson, NCTMB, LMT

I am a Nationally Certified massage therapist licensed in Missouri to perform professional, therapeutic massage and bodywork.  I hold a bachelors degree from Drury University and a master’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University.  Currently, I attend Ottawa University for a second master’s degree.  I like school, I suppose.
A life-long learner, I am interested in Herbert Benson, MD’s “Relaxation Response”, voluntary simplicity, breaking free from consumerism, and living a debt free life.  I also believe strongly in the power of your thoughts – both positive and negative.  I truly believe that 90% of all disease stems from an inability to manage stress.  I’m on a personal quest to tell the world how long-term stress, if left unmanaged, can and will eventually kill them.
I have over 10 years experience in the field of bodywork.  I opened my practice in 2000 and have worked in Missouri, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  It was while I lived in New England I truly began to focus on the body’s reaction to chronic stress and decided to carve out my niche in helping people learn to relax.
I am married to a wonderful, talented, and loving man and I have three beautiful step-children (all teenagers!!).  I live with my beloved guy and two cats.  No, I’m not a cat person.
My mission: To aid all willing individuals in achieving complete and total relaxation in a safe, confidential, and relaxing environment.
My promise: I will always treat you with respect and protect your privacy.  I also promise to only provide therapy for which I have additional training.  Finally, I PROMISE to never sell you a massage session if I don’t believe you truly need it.  

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