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Don’t you just love complicated service menu’s in a massage therapy office?  Yeah, me neither.

Through the years I have studied numerous techniques and styles of massage therapy only to put all those techniques in a ‘mental box’, shake it up and come out with my own specialized way of relaxation massage.  My technique focuses primarily on assisting the body in its goal to maintain balance (homeostasis).

I have taken the work of Herbert Benson, MD (Pioneer of the Relaxation Response), the basics of Swedish Massage, rocking and bio-rhythm therapy, aromatherapy, and my own intuitive nature to develop this special therapy to assist with the following disorders:

~ Depression ~ General Anxiety Disorder ~ Insomnia ~
~ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ~ Hyperventilation Syndrome ~ Fibromyalgia

This technique works with the body’s natural biochemistry to balance the hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain, affecting the way your body naturally responds to stress.  Over time, you can learn how to create an environment of relaxation – even when you aren’t in session – thus, reducing your dependence on medication and pain management therapies.

While this massage is relaxing and not a ‘deep tissue massage’  it is not at all like the standard ‘fluff and buff’ massage you get at a spa.  You will feel the difference in your first session, I personally guarantee it.

New 2011 Prices:

60 minutes – $65          75 minutes – $75          90 minutes – $85

*I no longer do 30 minute sessions because your body cannot achieve relaxation in 30 minutes.  I recommend any of my fellow colleagues in the same building for a 30 minute session.  Call me and I will be happy to give you a referral and telephone number of those experienced therapists.


Experience it for yourself.  Call today to schedule your first massage.


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